Valerio Berruti

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Valerio Berruti was born in 1977 in Alba, in the region of Piedmont, where he still lives and works. After graduating from the Faculty of Fine Arts of Turin University with a degree in art criticism, in 1995 he purchased and restored a deconsecrated seventeenth-century church in Verduno for use as his studio. The artist prefers to use simple materials, employing the age-old technique of fresco painting on untreated jute canvas, sculpture, particularly in concrete or steel, and video animation to create simple images inspired by the suspended world of childhood, the time in our lives when we are all the same and everything has yet to happen. We can all recognise ourselves in his children, from whom he removes all features that make them recognisable, so that viewers project themselves onto the image they see, with their own past and their own intimacy.

In 2009 Berruti was the youngest artist to participate in the 53rd Biennale in Venice, presenting a video animation composed of more than 600 frescoed drawings with music by Paolo Conte. He has also worked on important partnerships with Ryuichi Sakamoto in Japan and with Gianmaria Testa.

In 2018 Berruti began working on an animated short film co-produced with Sky Arte, La giostra di Nina, with a soundtrack by Ludovico Einaudi. The big carousel was exhibited in the Church of San Domenico in Alba in the autumn of 2018, at MAXXI in Rome in 2019, and then in the Galleria Grande at the Reggia di Venaria near Turin, while the short film premiered at the Rome Film Festival and participated in the world’s most important film festivals.


Solo exhibitions

2020 The Carousel (La giostra di Nina), The Great Gallery of the Reggia di Venaria, Turin, Italy

Tracce, Marcorossi artecontemporanea, Milan, Turin and Verona, Italy

2019 La giostra di Nina (Nina’s carousel), MAXXI – Museo nazionale delle arti del XXI secolo, Rome, Italy

Frammenti, Monumental public work, Castello di Monticello d’Alba, Cuneo, Italy

Tracce, Marcorossi artecontemporanea, Pietrasanta, Italy

2018 La storia di Nina, Chiesa di San Domenico di Alba, Italy

Endless Love, The Italian Cultural Institute of Los Angeles, CA, USA

Just Kids, Monumental public installation, Chiostro di Palazzo d’Accursio, Bologna, Italy

2017 Out of Your Own, Al Blu di Prussia, Naples, Italy

Valerio Berruti – Out of Your Own, video screening, Museo MADRE, Naples, Italy 

Il Sentiero, Marcorossi artecontemporanea, Milan, Italy

2016 ​Looking for the Magic, Spazio Espositivo Ersel, Turin, Italy

Paradise Lost, Marcorossi artecontemporanea, Milan and Verona, Italy

Just Kids, Monumental public installation, Piazza Duomo, Verona, Italy

2015 Nina nel Verde, Parco Hotel Byron, Forte dei Marmi, Italy

2014 Così sia, Marcorossi artecontemporanea, Pietrasanta, Italy

2013 Dove il cielo s’attacca alla collina, Cantina Bricco Rocche, Castiglione Falletto, Cuneo, Italy

2012 Udaka, Nirox Foundation, Johannesburg, South Africa

2011 Maddalena, Salon Blanco, Havana, Cuba

La rivoluzione terrestre, Chiesa di San Domenico, Alba, Italy

Almost Queen, Marcorossi artecontemporanea, Milan and Verona, Italy

There is Too Much Light Not to Believe in Light, The Belgrade City Museum, Belgrade, Serbia

Kizuna, Pola Museum Annex, Ginza, Tokyo, Japan

2010 Una Sola Moltitudine, Fondazione Stelline, Milan, Italy

I Wish I Was Special, Ermanno Tedeschi Gallery, Turin and Rome, Italy

2009 E più non dimandare, Galleria Civica, Modena, Italy

2008 Magnificat, Keumsan Gallery, Seoul, South Korea

2007 E più non dimandare, il Fondaco, Bra, Italy

2006 Se ci fosse la luna, Palazzo Bricherasio, Turin, Italy

2005 Golgota, Esso Gallery, New York, USA

Primary, Ermanno Tedeschi Gallery, Turin, Italy

Ho meritato il tuo castigo, Galleria Officina 14, Rome, Italy

Senza più pensare, Galleria 41 Artecontemporanea, Turin, Italy

2004 Naufragar m’è dolce…, Museo dello zucchero, Nizza Monferrato, Italy

Vocazione, Chiesa di Sant’Agostino, Pietrasanta, Italy

2003 Familienwertes, Galerie Markus Nohn, Frankfurt, Germany

Family Values, Galleria Spirale Arte, Verona, Italy

Brothers, Galleria arte & altro, Gattinara, Italy

Summertime, Galleria 41 Artecontemporanea, Turin, Italy

2002 Sacre rappresentazioni, Galleria Spirale Arte, Milan and Pietrasanta, Italy

2001 Saints Kids, Galleria Art & Arts, Turin, Italy

2000 Berruti e Tibaldi, Maze Gallery, Turin, Italy

Group exhibitions

2016 Le spine della complessità. Arte e artisti tra globale e locale, grandArte 2016/2017: Identità Perdute?

Complesso Monumentale di San Francesco, Cuneo, Italy

Chissà se lo sai… Gli artisti di Lucio, Otto Gallery, Bologna, Italy

2015 Mare Motus, Castello di Lipari, Lipari, Italy

Holy MisterY, Chiesa del Santo Volto, Turin, Italy

2014 Biennale Italia-Cina, Bei Zhou, Beijing, China

15° Premio Cairo, Palazzo della Permanente, Milan, Italy

Resilienze 2.0, Palazzo Saluzzo, Turin, Italy

The Intuitionist, The Drawing Center, New York, USA

2013 Humang Among Aliens, Helutrans Art Space, Singapore

2012 Biennale d’arte contemporanea Italia-Cina, Villa Reale di Monza, Italy

2011 Cabinet de dessins, Villa la Versiliana, Pietrasanta, Italy

2010 Oltre il mito. Cavour nell’arte contemporanea, Castello Cavour, Santena, Italy

2009 Collaudi. Omaggio a F. T. Marinetti, Italian Pavillon, 

53rd Venice Biennale, Venice, Italy

Campolungo. L’orizzonte sensibile del Contemporaneo, Complesso del Vittoriano, Rome, Italy

The Sublime Gaiety of Art, Kunstpfad Bischofstrasse, Linz, Austria

Che cos’è la scultura moderna, Spirale Arte, Pietrasanta,

2008 XIII Biennale d’arte sacra contemporanea, Museo Stauros, San Gabriele, Teramo, Italy

Biennal of Young Artists from Europe and Mediterranean, XIII edizione/edition, Bari, Italy

Detour, Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, France

2007 Micro-narratives, 48th October Salon, Belgrade, Serbia

The Big Show, Silas Murder Gallery, New York, USA

Art First, Facciata Palazzo Re Enzo, Bologna, Italy

2006 Crave, Row Space, London, UK

Giardino. Luoghi della piccola realtà, PAN Palazzo delle arti, Napoli, Italy

Uniforms and Costumes, Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art, Herzliya, Israele

Cabinet des Dessins, Musée d’Art Moderne de Saint-Etienne, France

2005 Deck the Wall, Exit art, New York, USA

Quadriennale di Monza, Monza, Italy

2004 Dal Profondo, Kästrich, Mainz, Germany

La via del sale, Pieve di Santa Maria, Cortemilia, CN, Italy

Quotidiana 04, Museo Civico del Santo, Padova, Italy

Made in Italy, Limn Gallery, San Francisco, CA, USA

Quadriennale di Roma. Anteprima, Società Promotrice delle Belle Arti, Turin, Italy

2003 4° Premio Cairo, Palazzo della Permanente, Milan, Italy

Gemine Muse, Museo di Arte Antica, Turin, Italy

Extraños niños, 3 Punts Galeria, Barcelona, Spain

2002 Infanzie, Battistero di San Pietro, Asti, Italy

2000 Le ombre della memoria, En Plain Air, Pinerolo, Italy

Meno trenta, Associazione Culturale Marcovaldo, Caraglio, Italy

Awards and residencies

2017 Erata Motion Pictures – International Festival of Shorts about Paintings, Finalist, San Pietroburgo, Russia

Los Angeles Cinefest, 2nd Prize, Los Angeles, USA

​2014 15th Cairo Prize, Finalist, Palazzo della Permanente, Milan, Italy

2012 Luci d’Artista Prize, Awarded with the installation “Ancora una volta”, Turin, Italy

2011 Nirox Foundation Residency, Johannesburg, South Africa

2010 Youkobo Art Space Residency, Tokyo, Japan

2009 Area Progetto, Galleria Civica, Modena, Italy

2007 Artists Residency Program, Dena Foundation for Contemporary Art, Paris, France

2006 Workshop with Stefano Arienti, Fondazione Spinola Banna, Poirino, Italy

2005 Residency Program, I.S.C.P. International Studio & Curatorial Program, New York, NY, USA

2004 Pagine Bianche d’Autore Prize, Winner for the cover of regional telephone directory in Piedmont, Italy

Premio Celeste, 1st Prize, Italy

2003 4th Cairo Prize, Finalist, Palazzo della Permanente, Milan, Italy

Fresco and Salty Award, Amfilochia, Greece


Gallery exhibitions