About us

Since 1994 a network of art galleries on
Milan, Pietrasanta, Rome, Turin and Verona

MARCOROSSI artecontemporanea is a network of art galleries founded in 1994 with the name of Spirale Arte and concentrated on five locations located in the cities of Milan, Pietrasanta, Rome, Turin and Verona. Each gallery is directed by a staff of professionals coordinated by the founder Marco Rossi, an expert in the contemporary art market for more than thirty years.

From the very beginning, the galleries’ artistic program has focused on research and the languages of painting and sculpture, representing the work of both historicized and emerging Italian and international artists. In recent years, the group’s research line has opened up, with passion, to contemporary photography.

The team

Marco Rossi


Serena Cassissa

General manager

Cristina Ghisolfi

External Relationship

Alan Santarelli

Director of Milan Gallery

Matilde Della Pina

Gallery of Milan

Maurizio Trinci

Director of Pietrasanta Gallery

Caterina Toffoli

Gallery of Pietrasanta

Lorenza Ailandi

Art Manager of Progetto Roma

Sara Villata

Director of Turin Gallery

Alberto Crevola

Gallery of Turin

Marta Goglia

Gallery of Turin

Federica Basta

Gallery of Turin

Francesco Sandroni

Director of Verona Gallery

Camilla Temporin

Gallery of Verona