Bring art into
your work

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An exclusive service for design studios and professionals wanting to include meticulous, highly qualified art consultancy among the services they offer their customers.

Bring art into
your work

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Anyone wishing to achieve integrity and total control over all the details of their projects cannot afford to neglect the presence of artworks in the spaces designed.

The benefits for you

Broaden the spectrum of your services, making use of our experience.
Introduce a distinctive, unique and appreciated value to your professionalism.

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Art at home

Art at home

An artwork is much more than a decorating accessory. It comes to life and shines with a light of its own. In this section, we look at art in relation to the private spaces of the home, through articles, images and case studies focusing on this unique, exclusive touch of class, in pursuit of beauty and emotional engagement of clients.

Art at work

In the world of business, art can represent the prestige of a brand and improve a company’s workspaces. Here we look into art in the workplace, through articles, images and case studies. A unique solution to give your company the added value of elegance, culture, refinement and openness to innovation.

Art at work

Commissioning Art

A site-specific work of art is inspired by the features of the place and the space for which it is designed. This section investigates art designed and produced for a specific setting through articles, images and case studies. A fascinating way of learning about the world of commissioned artworks!

Through my collaboration with Marcorossi artecontemporanea, I realised that a good project is alive, harmonious, complete only if it is integrated and nourished by works of art. Art is the soul of the home, it sublimates reality by harmonising it with our daily lives and is indispensable. As Oscar Wilde wrote: 'Art is the only way to run away without leaving home'.

Architect Antonella Strigari

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