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The unique opportunity of a Site-Specific Artwork

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Scultura per parco in Villa Forte dei Marmi
In the art world, the term site-specific refers to a work designed specifically  for inclusion in a particular place.

Creating a site-specific artwork means establishing a unique relationship and harmony  between the client and an artist who is capable of interpreting and creating a work that will  fit specifically into the site selected by the customer.

The artist, drawing on his or her own artistic sense, produces an artwork of a specific size,  using particular materials and, possibly, colours, in a position specified by the client, who  may be a private collector, a company or a public institution. The work is therefore guided  by an external party who discusses it with the artist, approves the artist’s plan and accepts  the final terms for creation of the artwork.

Installazione per giardino Località in provincia di Mantova
The form and size of a site-specific artwork depend directly on the space for  which it is intended.

The artwork must be capable of dialoguing with the site selected by the client  commissioning it, establishing a relationship with an existing setting or building a new one.

Over the years we have frequently come up against the need to produce art projects on  commission, for both indoor and outdoor settings. The studios, architects and interior  designers who work with us complete the range of services they offer with an outstanding,  truly distinctive art service, drawing on thirty years of professionalism and experience  working in the world of contemporary art.

Scultura per una corte privata Località in provincia di Mantova

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