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Dimora storica Milano, Palestro
Placing an artwork in a home means interpreting how it can act, dialogue with, contrast with, harmonise and transform space.

“The home as we experience it today is our own place of intimacy, containing all our personal effects, housing a nuclear family, which guests enter upon invitation or with warning,” (Ida Farè, 1992). And so placing a work of art in a home means performing an aesthetic act interpretating the space: seeking the subtle perfect balance between power and sensitivity. The work of art has a life of its own, and continues to exist even with nothing around it, as is often the case in the aseptic, sacralising space of a contemporary art gallery.
An yet the artwork can loan its presence to a space for living, in dialogue, harmony or contrast with it.

Kapoor Berruti
 The home is the place where we keep the things we love best, and where we  are surrounded by the forms, colours and objects that represent our identity  and influence us. 

The concept of “tailored architecture”, in which the architect’s work becomes more and  more like that of the tailor, has gained ground in recent years; as in a tailor’s workshop,  architects determine their clients’ size, then study and record their form, while taking their  styles and emotions into account.  

With thirty years of experience in the world of art, we have developed a long tradition of  working with architects and interior designers, helping them select exclusive artworks for  inclusion in their clients’ homes.

Appartamento signorile Roma, Quartiere Pinciano
Appartamento d’epoca Milano, Crocetta
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