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Meridiani Showroom Milano, Palestro
Olayan Group Londra, Mayfair
The world of contemporary art is closely connected with the values of elegance, culture, and refinement, as well as openness to innovation. 

Many companies are deciding to use art to boost their prestige in the eyes of the outside world, though many also do it for internal reasons. In recent years a number of companies have decided to invest in art-related projects on an ongoing basis to boost positive perception of their brand, stand out from the competition and interact with their customers in an innovative way.

If used with good judgement, art can become a valid marketing and communications tool for a business, while the presence of art in the workplace helps create a welcoming, innovative, stimulating environment for the people who work there. The presence of artworks in offices, meeting rooms and shared spaces encourages socialisation and can have a positive impact on inspiration and the well-being of the corporate community.

Vanzetta & Associati Milano, Quadrilatero
It is not only large corporations that use art to interact with their customers.

In the past decade we have seen a growing degree of awareness, even among smaller enterprises, of the importance of associating their brand with the world of culture and the arts. With thirty years of professional experience in the world of contemporary art, we can work with and advise studios, architects and interior designers in the choice of artworks of significance for workplaces. Professionals who collaborate with us can expand the range of services they can offer their customers, to truly stand out from the crowd.

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