Rune Guneriussen an introduction to the artist through three questions

18th May 2022

Rune Guneriussen,
the artist through three questions

1)The Norwegian nature is the protagonist of your work as well as being on your background. Have you ever considered of looking somewhere else to get inspired?

2)Your work evokes fairy and magical places, not only because of the study of light but also because of the juxtaposition between the Norwegian poetic nature and the representation of daily use objects. How do you choose items and integrate them into the landscape?


3)The relationship between photography and landscape art carries on from the 60s. During that years artists have breathe life into a relationship between environment and art witnessing the relationship with the surrounding space (think about Robert Smithson, Richard Long, Micheal Heizer).

Nowadays, how much do you think is relevant to look at the works made by the great land-artists to continue the land art tradition?