Mirco Marchelli – Un’eco di fiori

Rome, 3 October – 16 January 2023

Mirco Marchelli

An Echo of Flowers

3 October – 16 January 2024


Piazza Pia 1, Via della Conciliazione 4, 00193 Rome, RM

Tuesday – Saturday, 1pm – 7pm

For any information:

+39 335 6761531


Exhibition curated by Adriana Polveroni for MARCOROSSI artecontemporanea – Project in Rome 


Opening, Tuesday 3 October at 6:30pm


MARCOROSSI artecontemporanea gallery, which will celebrate its thirtieth year in 2024 and has locations in Milan, Pietrasanta, Turin, and Verona, launches  PROJECT IN ROME  with Mirco Marchelli’s exhibition An Echo of Flowers at the Visionarea space on Piazza Pia 1 in Rome. An exhibition program that will range from painting to photography, from abstraction to figuration, presenting artists firmly established in the contemporary art scene.

Mirco Marchelli, a visual artist and composer musician followed by MARCOROSSI art gallery for many years, began his visual arts career in the mid-Nineties, never neglecting his musical exploration. The key themes of his work revolve around memory and the allure emitted by everyday objects, reworked and often covered by a layer of wax that immortalizes and transfigures them. Marchelli gives life and meaning to these materials, utilizing their resonances and the stories they express to narrate something new; he doesn’t merely evoke memories but provokes suggestions that fall into a realm of past vagueness. His exploration leads to cultivated themes, particularly musical, literary, and cinematic, which accompany his creative work.

An Echo of Flowers presents paintings characterized by various materials such as plaster, cement, mortar, terracotta, ceramics, wood, fabric, paper, and natural colors. The title, evidently resonant, emphasizes more on the interplay of resonances inherent in the exhibition journey than on the floral imagery, which is intended solely as a symbolic pretext, not necessarily expressed. The works in the exhibition undertake a similar action to the artist’s most recent creative experiences, freely proposed in relation to various expressive genres, giving rise to a singular entity where the literary aspect, implied in the titles of the individual works, converses on equal terms with the artworks themselves.

As a complement to the exhibition, there will be a video production by Erik Negro, interrelating the Roman essence in images captured at the Archaeological Museum of Acqui Terme, the recent venue for the exhibition Lieti Motivi, and those filmed at the artist’s studio in Ovada, accompanied by music composed by the artist himself.

A catalog, curated by Marcorossi artecontemporanea with text by Adriana Polveroni and photographs by Gianluca Grassano and Matteo Basilé, will be produced.

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