Mirco Marchelli – Tante belle cose

Milan, 22 september – 23 december 2022

Mirco Marchelli

Tante belle cose

22 September – 23 December 2022


Corso Venezia 29, 20121 Milan, MI

Tuesday – Saturday
Opening 11:00-19:00

For more information:

+39 342 0780671 or +39 02 795483


MARCOROSSI artecontemporanea is happy to present Mirco Marchelli’s exhibition entitled Tante belle cose in Milan, from 22 September through 23 December 2022. An artist with many talents, Marchelli’s work in the visual arts has been evolving hand-in-hand with his music since the mid-nineties. 


The keys to interpreting his work are memory and the fascination of objects for everyday use, covered with a layer of wax that transfigures them and makes them eternal. Thus the artist brings new life and meaning to materials, exploiting their resonances and the stories they express to tell us something new.


In the works on exhibit, a variety of materials, including chalk, white cement, and scagliola, become a blank page on which the artist creates new forms by cutting out unusual materials. Rubber, fabric, bricks and shards of pottery, chosen for their harmonious colours, become the letters of a new language, the colourful tiles of a highly personal contemporary mosaic.

The title of the exhibition, Tante belle cose, means “lots of good things” and is inspired by the best wishes that traditionally accompanied a greeting in the artist’s region of Piedmont. At the same time, with his usual irony, Marchelli invites the public to visit an exhibition packed with “tante belle opere”: lots of good things.

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