Collective exhibition – INQUATTRO

Milan,  9 June – 31July 2022



9 June 2022 – 31 July 2022


Corso Venezia 29, 20121 Milan, MI


Tuesday – Sunday
Opening hours 11:00 am – 8:00 pm

For more information, please contact

+39 342 0780671 or +39 02 795483


For information, please contact:

MARCOROSSI artecontemporanea is delighted to present in Milan the group show Inquattro, featuring works by four Italian artists: Valerio Berruti, Franco Guerzoni, Marco Tirelli, and Paolo Ventura.


Valerio Berruti (b. 1977, Alba, IT) presents a selection of different works inspired by the suspended world of childhood, a moment in life when everything has yet to happen. The artist uses different techniques from fresco to sculpture, including some  experimental pieces such as the new backlit paintings on fiberglass.


Franco Guerzoni (b. 1948, Modena, IT) presents some paintings created in the last decade: a journey around the wall, a topos for Guerzoni. A selection of palimpsest-walls with multiple, evocative protuberances on which all the sophisticated personal archaeology of the Modenese artist developed.


Marco Tirelli‘s (b. 1956, Rome, IT) paintings depict abstract subjects and indeterminate forms interacting with light and shadow, such that they appear to occupy three-dimensional space. The highlights and shadows in the exhibited works are created using a pointillist technique, although with airbrushes rather than paintbrushes.


Paolo Ventura (b. 1968, Milan, IT) presents some collage, acrylic paint and photograph works from the series I Ginestra (The Ginestra), ispirato alle foto originali d’epoca di una coppia di acrobati degli anni ’30. C’è sempre un vago senso di atemporalità nel lavoro di Ventura. Il risultato è un’atmosfera torbida e indefinita in cui le narrazioni si svolgono come sogni, a metà tra fantasia e memoria.