Group show – Identità mutevole

Milan, 9 November 2023 – 20 January 2024

Valerio Berruti
Ivan Theimer
Cosimo Vella

Identità mutevole

9 November 2023
20 January 2024


Corso Venezia 29, 20121 Milan, MI

Tuesday – Friday, 11am – 1pm / 3pm – 7pm

Saturday, 11am – 7pm

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+39 347 285 9608


Opening, Thursday 9 November 2023, 6:30pm


MARCOROSSI artecontemporanea has the pleasure of presenting, in its galleries in Milan, Turin and Verona, an exhibition entitled Identità mutevole, or Changing Identities, featuring sculptures by three different artists: Ivan Theimer, Valerio Berruti and Cosimo Vella. The works on display centre around the human figure: changeable by nature, psychologically complex, with a highly porous identity that is vulnerable to changes in history and the environment.

Valerio Berruti (Alba, 1977) works not only in painting and drawing but sculpture and monumental projects for public and private clients, the most recent of which was created in 2022 for Piazza Michele Ferrero in the town of Alba. The exhibition includes eight new painted aluminium sculptures of changing figures of children and adolescents. Five sculptures are exhibited in an installation set – a standing figure among four children seated on teh ground, arms and legs folded – creating a sense of expectation of a possible event. The two largest works form a pair in a second installation, while the final sculpture depicts two children clinging together in an embrace. The project swings back and forth between our incommunicability as human beings, and our need for union and communion of affections. In 2009 Valerio Berruti participated in the 53th Biennale in Venice; in more recent years he has presented his works in prestigious museums and public spaces such as the Reggia di Venaria in Turin (2020); MAXXI – Museo nazionale delle arti del XXI secolo, the Museum of 21st Century Art in Rome (2019); The public work Frammenti in the Castle of Monticello d’Alba, Cuneo (2019); Museo Madre, Naples (2018); and The Italian Cultural Institute of Los Angeles, in the USA (2018).

Ivan Theimer (1944, Olomouc, Moravia, Czech Republic) works with a symbolic and figurative repertoire rooted in the ancient history of art, from the Egyptian to the Greek and Roman civilisations, and in the archetypes of humanity. This exhibition includes a collection of terra cotta sculptures of faces and human figures, all highly symbolic, and all overlapping in time.
Ivan Theimer left his native country for Paris following the 1968 Soviet invasion, studying art at the École des Beaux-Arts. He participated in numerous exhibitions in France in the Seventies, standing out in the lively artistic environment of the country’s capital. In 1978 and 1982 he represented France at the Biennale in Venice, where he returned to exhibit for the 1995 centennial at Palazzo Grassi. His work has been featured in solo and group shows all over Europe since the 90s, and his monumental works, primarily obelisks, are installed in numerous European city squares – the most prestigious being the Champ de Mars in Paris, recalling the bicentennial of the Declaration of Human Rights. Theimer lives in Paris and Pietrasanta.

Cosimo Vella (Milan, 1994) works mainly in ceramic. His narrative references are taken from everyday life and the stories and legends that accompany it, suspended between folklore and globality, between current affairs and tradition. The sculptures included in the exhibition transfigure portraits of models, taken from both the real world and the social networks, to perform a metamorphosis between culture and nature, between human faces and elements of the plant kingdom: flowers, branches, leaves. The virtuosity of the fashioned sculpture is accompanied by experimental, sometimes ruthless, use of paint and enamel. The artist opens the way to reflection about the co-existence of popular culture, daughter of a specific territory and tradition, and the culture of the new media, land without country or history, land of advertising and the star system. Cosimo Vella has a Fine Arts degree from Chelsea College of Arts in London (2017) and current lives and works in London, Milan and Camaiore.

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