Exhibition Group – INQUATTRO

Verona,  28 May – 31 July 2022

In Four

28 May 2022 – 31 july 2022


Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, 18, 37121 Verona, VR

55054 Verona, VR


Monday – Sunday

10:00-12:30 / 15:00-19:00

For more information, please contact

329 1358599 or 045 597753


Innauguration on Saturday 28th May From 10am to 7pm 


The MARCOROSSI artecontemporanea gallery will host in the months of June and July, a collective exhibition dedicated to four well-established artists who have also been the protagonists of Artefiera 2022 in Bologna: Valerio Berruti, Franco Guerzoni, Marco Tirelli and Paolo Ventura.

Valerio Berruti, with whom the MARCOROSSI artecontemporanea gallery celebrates 20 years of a long-lasting relationship, will present some concrete artworks together with a fresco painting made on jute. These works are inspired by the suspended world of childhood, the moment in which we are still all the same and things are yet to happen. 

From Paolo Ventura we will present an artwork from the new cycle of works “I Ginestra”, born from the fortuitous find of a photographic album of two acrobats during the 30s. The photos reworked with his usual techniques of collage will be on display with some other works of previous years. A complex process made possible by the historical research, craftsmanship, manual skills, scenographic composition, photography and painting, worked all together in a glamourous mix.

Franco Guerzoni, whose exhibition “Ritrovamenti” has just been successfully concluded, is going to show two vivid artworks made in deep blue that almost look like velvet. Titled “Piccola notte”, in English “tiny night”, was made in 2000 and meant to be a sort of sky archaeology.

Marco Tirelli, whose work is the result of a complex intellectual process. His way begins with the recording of real facts and gets to make pure shapes and space and light allusions. On display, some sophisticated gouache on paper made in 2007, emblematic of their research for the relationship with the shape, always between abstraction and something recognisable, and light, seen as a starting point for the investigation of the possibilities and limits of perception. 

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