David Lindberg

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David Lindberg was born in 1964 in Des Moines, Iowa (USA). After studying architecture, he worked in both art and design in parallel. A citizen of the world, he has lived in various places, following opportunities in his work; he lived in the Netherlands for many years, and then in Milan, before returning to the USA to live and work in New York.

Lindberg has been studying materials and their components for many years, in the tradition of American minimalism, where the material, in his case epoxy resin, determines the form. The artist has worked with epoxy resin ever since he was first struck by its potential at the age of eleven. He learned to know its aggregating, containing, and expressive qualities as a young man and realised that it could produce practically any kind of form, amorphous creature or glassy presence.

The materials used, left free to take on the most natural course possible, describe the artist’s thoughts and emotions.

The artist uses materials commonly employed in industry to create works with a bold expressive impact that become glossy polychrome surfaces. 

His colours, crystallised in glossy surfaces or in just a few drops, have the transparency of water or the sky, while forms become something else, in a continuous transformation between painting and sculpture. In his works we may perceive resin’s ability to give life to infinite colourful motifs, as the inorganic simulates the fluid organic qualities of nature, allowing us to dive into the depths of the sea or observe vegetable presences of various kinds.

His art is the product of an authentic need to express an inner world full of often undecipherable sensations: an indispensable way of representing his way of being through a process of artistic genesis. 

Lindberg has exhibited in world-famous galleries such as Tanya Rumpff Gallery (Haarlem, the Netherlands), Studio La Città (Verona), Baukunst Gallery (Cologne), and Mimmo Scognamiglio (Milan), and his work has been presented at important international contemporary art shows such as Art Basel, Art Brussels, Art Chicago, Art Cologne and FIAC Paris. Recent installations include one set up at Università Bocconi in Milan in 2014. In 2015 he exhibited at Galerie Nouvelles Images in the Netherlands and Camp Design Gallery in Milan. Between 2016 and 2019 he exhibited a number of his projects in MARCOROSSI artecontemporanea galleries.

Solo exhibition

Marcorossi Artecontemporanea, Turin, Italy

Marcorossi Artecontemporanea, Verona, Italy

Marian Cramer Projects, Sunset Science, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Design Miami, room, CAMP design gallery, Milan, Italy


Marcorossi Artecontemporanea Milan, Italy

Inorganic Landscapes III, Milan, Italy

  Marcorossi Artecontemporanea Pietrasanta, Italy

Inorganic Landscapes II, Pietrasanta, Italy

Marcorossi Artecontemporanea Verona, Italy

Inorganic Landscapes I, Verona, Italy

Galerie Nouvelles Images, Den Haag, Netherlands

Mimmo Scognamiglio Artecontemporanea, Milan, Italy  

Bocconi Art Gallery, Bisphenol-A, Milan, Italy

Haarlem Historical Museum, Escape from Sanctuary, Haarlem, Netherlands

LUMC gallery, Chinese Purple, Leiden, Netherlands

LUMC Beeldhaal, Chinese Purple 45, Leiden, Netherlands

Kunsthandel Thom Schaar, Works 1994-2010, Middelburg, Netherlands

Marian Cramer Projects, various schedules, planning systems, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Nieuw Dakota, Standard Options, Amsterdam, Netherlands

NDSM landing display case, from heaven to earth, Amsterdam, Netherlands 

out LINE, Amsterdam, Netherlands 

Galleria Alquindici, Piacenza, Italy

Studio la Città, Verona, Italy

Traghetto Gallery, Rome, Italy

Public commission, The Hague, Netherlands

Tanya Rumpff Gallery, Haarlem, Netherlands

Rhode Island School of Design, Architecture Gallery, Rhode Island, USA

Works 1994-2006, Kunsthandel Thom Schaar, Middelburg, Netherlands

Baukunst Gallery, Cologne, Germany

Studio La Città, Verona, Italy

Art Felchlin Gallery, Zurich, Switzerland

Kunstvereniging Diepenheim, Diepenheim, Netherlands

Tanya Rumpff Gallery, Haarlem, Netherlands

Tanya Rumpff Gallery, Haarlem, Netherlands

Plus Min, Renesse, Netherlands

Tanya Rumpff Gallery, Haarlem, Netherlands

Swart Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Black and Herron Gallery, NYC, USA

Swart Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Black and Greenberg Gallery, Project Room, NYC, USA

Van Esch Gallery, Eindhoven, Netherlands

Winston Basement, Coupons to Jesus, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Test-Site, Installation, Brooklyn, USA 

WaTER Gallery, Los Angeles, USA

Group exhibition

Marian Cramer Projects, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Govenor’s Island, NYC, USA

            Core:NYC, NYC, USA

420 Gallery, Light, Brooklyn, NYC, USA

Pirsig Projects, Minneapolis, USA


Bradwolff Projects, Amsterdam, Netherlands  

          Galerie Nouvelles Images, Perusing the Planks; Shelf Life, Den Haag, Netherlands

Nieuw Dakota, Summer Show, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Oysterponds Historical Society, Orient, NY, USA 

Nieuw Dakota, Summer Show, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Museo di Arte Contemporanea, Lucio Pozzi’s White Dream, Lissone, Italy

        Provinciehuis Haarlem, We’re a Happy Family, Haarlem, Netherlands

Studio La Citta, ROSA PIERO, ROSA TIEPOLO…., Verona, Italy

Querini Stampalia Foundation, Benetton Collection, Venice. Italy

Art Affairs, The Eye of the Beholder, Amsterdam, Netherlands

       Leiden University Medical Center gallery, Aanwinsten, Leiden, Netherlands 

Hesterveld, Storage Space Exhibtion, Bijlmer, Netherlands

Locust Projects, Annual Smash and Grab Fundraiser, Miami, USA

           Mercato Della Frutta, Meanwhile, Valeggio, Italy

Galerie Nouvelles Images, De Fouten Beeld, Den Haag, Netherlands

De Krabbedans, …Ik mis je, I miss you, Eindhoven, Netherlands

Caridi Gallery, Parsons Alumni, Miami, USA

Nieuw Dakota, We like 6%, Amsterdam, Netherlands

RC de Ruimte, PUSH, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Deiska, PIMA, Amsterdam, Netherlands

RC de Ruimte, De Piramide van Ijmuiden, Ijmuiden, Netherlands

Nieuw Dakota, Common Ground, Amsterdam, Netherlands

          North Sea Canal, Haven Safari, He lives and works in New York, USA. 

Tanya Rumpff Gallery, last group show, Haarlem, Netherlands

Bianconi Gallery, Milan, Italy

Castello delle Polveri, Isola della Certosa, Naturas  Naturans,  Venice, Italy

Huis Frankendael, Retour New York-Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Stedelijk Museum Schiedam, Art Minded V, Collection Breteler, Schiedam, Netherlands

   Europol – Dutch public commision, The Hague, Netherlands

W139, Remain in Light, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Traghetto Gallery, Venice, Italy

Mare Street Biennale, London, England

Deiska, Inbetween, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Studio la Citta, Verona, Italy

Tanya Rumpff Gallery, Haarlem, Netherlands

Tanya Rumpff Gallery, Haarlem, Netherlands

ABN AMRO windows, DEISKA, Rembrantsplein, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Arti et Amici,Unstaged,  Amsterdam, Netherlands

Tanya Rumpff Gallery, Haarlem, Netherlands

Art Affairs, West Coast, Amsterdam, Netherlands

N.I.C.C., not i, Antwerp, Belgium

Consortium, tick-tick, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Nieuwe Vide, Haarlem, Netherlands

Watertoren, Twentyone Interchangable Parts, Vlissingen, Netherlands

INMO Gallery, Los Angeles, USA

Eyewash Gallery, Packing a Punch, Brooklyn, USA

Sculpture Center, Seeing and Believing, NYC, USA

W139, Multiplicity, Amsterdam, Netherlands

PS 122, Shake, NYC, USA

Artists Space, Permutations, NYC, USA

   The Work Space, Making It, NYC, USA

Brooklyn Brewery, Curtains, NYC, USA

Eight Floor Gallery, From the Hip, NYC, USA

Swart Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Central Museum, Utrecht, Netherlands

Stedelijk Museum Roermond, Het Venijn van de Muze, Roermond, Netherlands

W139, temple, Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Konstakuten, Meet Me in Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden

W139, Fields Zepressesstraat, A Night at the Show, Zurich, Switzerland

Black and Herron Gallery, Oooze, NYC, USA

Exit Art, Way Cool, NYC, USA

  121 Van Dam, Fun House, NYC, USA

BEAM Gallery, Nijmegen, Netherlands

      Sauce Space, Dyad, Brooklyn, USA

Van Esch Gallery, Eindhoven, Netherlands

W139, Caravanserail, Amsterdam, Netherlands

W139, 139#New York, Amsterdam, Netherlands

         Krannerts Museum and Kinkead Pavilion, Out of Town, Champaign-Urbana, USA

Test-Site, Salon of the Mating Spiders, Brooklyn, USA


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